LEDE for WR841N v13/WR840N v4

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Damn. I just wanted to start a blog and left it alone after the introduction post. It’s time to return.

TP-Link continues to migrate onto the new Mediatek chipsets. They’ve released new versions of two popular routers recently: WR841N and WR840N.

Some guy called svobodavac made a patch for wr840n v4 initial support by LEDE. That pull request was declined by LEDE and was temporary closed.

Unfortunately, the mt76 wireless open-source driver is not able to provide a stable wireless connection. With this driver I had continuous disconnects, missing beacons, packet loses, low power signal (this was fixed with new EEPROM location in dts). I don’t know if it works or not properly for all mt76xx devices or just mt7603.

So I decided to build LEDE with a proprietary MTK driver.

All images are LEDE 17.01.

For WR841N v13:



For WR840N v4 (WARNING! This firmware wasn’t tested on WR840N V4! I doubt that you’ll face any issues, because this two devices are similar, but I have warned you):




How to install?
How to update from LEDE/OpenWrt?
Will I ever be able to flash this via stock web-interface?
Where is the driver was taken from?
How stable it is?
What was tested and works?
What does not work?
What probably works?
How to configure wireless via SSH?
'Wireless is disabled or not associated'!
There is no wlan0 interface!
What about package repositories?
How long you gonna keep this repo?
Is source code or patch available?
Why don't you make a pull request to the LEDE repo?
Why wr840n v4 wasn't tested?
What is the difference between wr841n v13 and wr840n v4?
Can this driver work with other Mediatek Wi-Fi chips?
It doesn't work / I didn't understand anything, how to revert back to the stock firmware?

7 thoughts on “LEDE for WR841N v13/WR840N v4”

  1. Hi Raxp

    Can you be so kind to write tutorial how to build fresh openwrt firmware with this driver?
    I tested and works perfectly.


    1. Yeah, damn, I totally forgot. I apologize, but I didn’t had much time to clean things up. I decided to just publish this as it is.
      I’ll try to do this as soon as possible

      1. Hi,

        Even if you don’t have time to write a tutorial just yet, can you at least rebuild this version and post the binaries? The opensource version of the driver is still not working right, and I’m having troubles to re-implement what you did here.

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