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How to fuck everything up for one day? Ask Ihor!

Этот пост на русском языке

Last week ends with a huge conflict between Rambler and nginx developers in Russian internet segment. This is a very important event not only for Russian IT, but for the whole world. And, of course, it is more important than the events this article about. There are many blog posts, news, even Russian TV talk about nginx. Someone made hackaton to support nginx developers, another replaced their Server header in the web server to protest against Rambler decision (I did that).

Meanwhile, this blog went down at the same time. This is because of a situation in one not so big Russian company, which I call “santa barbara”, which affected my and ~13,000 others sites according to

Tambourine dancing with rooted Sony device in the morning

Этот пост на русском языке

Disclaimer: Maybe this problem is solved, maybe not. I’m watching it and try to keep it updated if something follows. The solution is in the end of this post and my tambourine dancing with all this crap is after this disclaimer.

About my phone

  • Xperia X Performance Dual
  • Model for Russian market, purchased in Russian Federation
  • Android 8.0
  • Firmware: 41.3.A.2.107
  • Magisk 19.3
  • TA partition backed up before bootloader unlocked
  • Stock kernel with injected copy of the TA partition and newer Magisk via Rootkernel V5.23 (this manual)

Good f*cking morning

My phone surprised me with empty battery in the morning. It didn’t even turn on the screen – it was just flashing with red LED on attempt to turn it on.

LEDE for WR841N v13/WR840N v4

Этот пост на русском языке

Damn. I just wanted to start a blog and left it alone after the introduction post. It’s time to return.

TP-Link continues to migrate onto the new Mediatek chipsets. They’ve released new versions of two popular routers recently: WR841N and WR840N.

Some guy called svobodavac made a patch for wr840n v4 initial support by LEDE. That pull request was declined by LEDE and was temporary closed.

Unfortunately, the mt76 wireless open-source driver is not able to provide a stable wireless connection. With this driver I had continuous disconnects, missing beacons, packet loses, low power signal (this was fixed with new EEPROM location in dts). I don’t know if it works or not properly for all mt76xx devices or just mt7603.

So I decided to build LEDE with a proprietary MTK driver.

And here we go!

Этот пост на русском языке

Well, yet another blog by dumbass sysadmin like “how to install apache onto Ubuntu 14.88” or dumbass programmer like “tcp sockets in c#” (c) You

Hi everyone! I’m Sergey!

One day I think about creating a blog. Maybe I can write something interesting. Something that can help someone, who’s searching for something. And I said to myself: why not? Blogs about coding didn’t harm anyone, so I can try :).