Этот пост на русском языке

Well, yet another blog by dumbass sysadmin like “how to install apache onto Ubuntu 14.88” or dumbass programmer like “tcp sockets in c#” (c) You

Hi everyone! I’m Sergey!

One day I think about creating a blog. Maybe I can write something interesting. Something that can help someone, who’s searching for something. And I said to myself: why not? Blogs about coding didn’t harm anyone, so I can try :).

This idea was inspired by my friend, who decided to create a blog too. Moreover, some people advice programmers to blog, because when you write about something – it helps you to understand it better.

And I agree with that, because when you describe something, you want to provide your readers more helpful and truthful information about it.

In addition, there is still a lot of information, which is not available on the internet. I’ve had that situations, when I didn’t find solution for my problems, then I had resolved it by myself. But I haven’t place where I can write a solution for other people, who had faced the same problem.

That’s why I created this blog. Let’s see what it will become in the future.

Of course I’m not a professional programmer or sysadmin. I’m working and studying in IT, but my skills are too far from a professional. Maybe my posts will be too obvious for someone.

I’m interested in a very different things. Today I can do something on C++, tomorrow I can disassemble a game. And I started to learn coding for Android, so I can write some about it. We’ll see. This blog gonna be like: “What I see is what I write”.

I think, that’s enough for introduction. In fact, that’s a lot for introduction :).


BTW, all my posts here will be in Russian and English versions. There will be a link to English or Russian version on the top of the every post.